Our Statewide Steering Committee

Regional Leaders

FACTSS is run by a Statewide Steering Committee of volunteers who are concerned Condominium Association leaders from every area of Florida.  No-one is compensated: we're all driven to serve our common cause. Plus, we like meeting other folks who have similar war stories and valuable insights to share!

Broward County

Pio Ieraci has been a leader in the fight to turn back involuntary installation of sprinkler systems since 2010. He is President of the Galt Mile Community Association, comprising 30 key buildings in Ft. Lauderdale.


Derek Hewitt is Vice President of Parkview Point Condominium, a major building in North Miami Beach. 

Pinellas County

Susan Doolittle is a Board Member at Diamond Isle in Clearwater Beach.

Palm Beach County

Steve Cohen is a President at Marina Tower in North Palm Beach

Members for other regions will be announced shortly

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Board of Directors

Pio Ieraci 


 Pio Ieraci is a unique blend of businessman, family man, diplomat, and village shaman. In addition to the panoply of responsibilities he faces as President of the Galt Mile Community Association, he administers the high powered Presidents Council. The current President of every member Association participates in a forum created to examine the impending obstacles that confront their Associations, exchange information useful in that regard, and formulate strategies to effectively provide relief. Pio Ieraci is the catalyst that allows this mixture of strong-willed individuals to achieve the levels of cooperation necessary to effectively identify and contend with the common problems while concurrently attending to the particular concerns of individual Associations. A Board member of the Galt Ocean Club, Pio is able to diagnose complex technical, civic, political, and financial conundra and encourage agreement on their resolution. It is not uncommon for the most exasperating challenges, once identified as such by members of the Council, to be placed on Pio’s typically full plate! 


Fred Nesbitt


Fred Nesbitt is a chronic volunteer. Fred was elected to the Playa del Mar Board of Directors where he has since served as Treasurer and President. When appointed to the Galt Mile Community Association Advisory Board, the entire neighborhood started benefiting from his networking skills. Within two years, Fred's participation quotient surpassed that of members serving for decades. A veteran of successful campaigns to rescue the Galt Mile Reading Center and thwart the proposed construction of a Liquefied Natural Gas plant off the Galt Mile Beach, Nesbitt has proven a work-a-holic dynamo. Not surprisingly, his peers soon shifted Fred's wheelhouse from the Advisory Board to the GMCA Board of Directors and named him Treasurer, charging him with guardianship of the neighborhood checkbook. Changing hats as required, Fred also applies skills honed in Washington D.C. to citywide challenges by serving on several Fort Lauderdale Advisory Boards (the Fire-Rescue Bond Issue Blue Ribbon Committee and the Budget Advisory Board).  

Eric Berkowitz


Having lived in both Ocean Manor and Southpoint before serving on the Regency Tower Board of Directors, Eric Peter Berkowitz developed a unique perspective of the Galt Mile. Eric created and serves as “webmaster” of the Galt Mile Community Association web site, one of largest and most comprehensive in South Florida. As editor of the “Galt Mile News”, the Association’s newsletter, he keeps community residents and neighborhood merchants informed about issues critical to their rights, homes and lifestyles. A prolific writer, Eric relates Association policy as formulated by the Board, the Advisory Board and concerned residents. Always active, Eric’s organizational skills were critical to Fort Lauderdale's inclusion in the beach renourishment project, the installation of Automated External Defibrillators throughout the neighborhood, the successful promotion of practical fire safety regulations and myriad other challenges. Eric also serves as the community’s eyes and ears, alerting the neighborhood to positive and negative political impacts emanating from Fort Lauderdale’s City Hall, Broward County HQ, Tallahassee and Washington DC. Accumen accrued as Regency Tower’s Construction Chair has positioned Eric to assist with the Galt Mile’s structural rebirth.